Artist Statement

I take photographs of architecture and whatever surface textures catch my eye in everyday life walking around my neighborhood and Manhattan that inevitably fall into categories and stories. The themes reach back to my first impressions of the city - the contrast between the shiny glamour of the tall buildings and the dirt and messiness of the street. Using my textile design experience I make composite images from these photographs for limited edition digital prints and also repeat patterns that can be reproduced as fabric, gift-wrap or wallpaper.


The underlying theme lately is the visual recording of elements related to the gentrification process in Brooklyn. Scaffolds draped with netting, dumpsters of construction trash, chained plots of land, graffiti protests on billboards and signs announcing new developments.

Another ongoing visual investigation is the play of positive/negative space in my compositions in the photo collage, pattern and drawing work.

My latest work involves taking photographs of draped fabric and selecting elements to repeat into a dimensional illusion motif and pattern. As monochrome images these have a somewhat eerie quality when printed again onto fabric.